Sample Interactive Learning Objects for Courseware





Sample Interactive Learning Objects for Courseware

CAPDM has a suite of Javaclasses that allow us to quickly build interactive learning objects for distribution as JavaTM applets embedded in your learning materials. The examples below illustrate how we can present various forms of graphed data, allowing students to explore the topic themselves in a standalone simulation, and tutors to embed them in a tutorial or reusable learning object. The applets below are available for licensing, and represent a quick and cost-effective way to enrich your online learning materials.

Mathematics and Statistics

Distribution of the Mean

Statistical Inference


Moving Average

Correlation Matrix

Cross Tabulation

Graph Plotting

Line Fitting

Log Linear Regression

Observed Distributions


Sample Regression

Exponential Smoothing
Series Decomposition

Stepwise Regression




Call Options

Portfolio Management

Capital Rationing

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Time Value Dollar

Yield Curve

PFM: Correlation

PFM: Risk

Portfolios - IBM

Portfolios - Various

Net Present Value