Welcome to CAPDM

CAPDM helps education providers to build successful businesses in online and distance learning. We work with many Universities and Business Schools, Professional Associations, Corporate Universities and government organisations around the world, helping to develop successful online and distance learning programmes and the business needed to sustain them.

CAPDM has two core pillars of strength – distance learning and single-source publishing for education. Our successes in Distance Learning have included producing the largest non-tutored MBA programme in the World, and working to deliver it in Arabic, Chinese and Spanish variants. We recently developed the World’s first 100% online global MBA programme creating a new World class in online learning delivery and assessment. We developed the successful Connecting Classrooms Professional Learning website for the British Council, helping thousands of teachers in more than 50 countries around the world to connect. To date we have produced more than 20 full distance learning programmes; more than 200 individual courses and helped to deliver them to thousands of students in more than 160 countries.

To help us to produce and maintain all of these programmes and learning environments, CAPDM has also developed Courseworker – our single-source course publishing toolkit. Courseworker is the Cloud service we use ourselves and share with other course publishing teams.
CAPDM Limited is named after the CAPDM Model, our generic model for publishing information. Capture





It can flexibly accommodate a very wide range of course design and delivery options, including almost any course component and feature that can be delivered to contemporary learning platforms. Once configured for your need, Courseworker becomes a highly consistent, highly scalable tool for large scale course development. For example, if your course materials contain a reference text then Courseworker can professionally batch-typeset complex 700 page texts in a handful of minutes, generating thousands of course pages for integrated delivery your online learning delivery environment.

In short, Courseworker changes the cost base and the capability of an institution to produce and maintain very large repositories of learning materials.

If you are looking for help with building successful online programmes or businesses please get in touch. If you simply want to equip your course development teams with Courseworker why not visit the Courseworker website next. If you want to know C A P D MCapture, Author, Publish, Deliver, Manage actually means, or find out more about us please read more here.