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Integrating publisher texts, OERs and own IP for online delivery

Most campus-based courses are linked to a recommended text, usually from one of the major publishers.? As universities and colleges make the transition to online delivery, particularly for an international market, this paper-based text becomes less convenient though the content is still very much relevant.? How can institutions adapt their content needs for online delivery?

Our company CAPDM was named after the generic?CAPDM information flow model?(below). This has, at its heart, a standards-based, digital, managed repository that holds all the high value, long-life educational materials for an institution.? It is the core of a digital strategy for online education, and an essential component of an institution?s?global educational business.

The repository – which we always base round a semantically-rich XML – can hold an institutions own IP, but it can also be a channel for content streamed through from OERs and/or commercial publishers.? External repositories that employ ?smart?, agile repositories allow their content to be transformed to match the institutional repository, and published seamlessly to a common output style. ?Many OERs manage their content this way (e.g.? and most publishers now master their new titles in agile XML-based standards.

The results are of high quality and seamless in style but, importantly, the production is scalable and repeatable even if the content comes from a range of sources.? There is a very good example viewable in the?Demo?tab at?

CAPDM?s long experience of integrating digital learning strategies into the overall digital strategies of universities and colleges is unparalleled. ?As is our experience of integrating administrative and support functions as part of a holistic approach to developing a sustainable business in online and distance learning (ODL).

If you would like to discuss digital integration and strategy for ODL then contact me at 0131 477 8632, or via email at?

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This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 28. October 2015.

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