The Perceived Barriers to Online Learning Have Changed

There were many interesting points to be had from the 2022 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) / Wiley survey titled “Online Learning at Public Universities: Views of AASCU Member Institutions as COVID-19 Transforms Higher Education”.

This was a repeat survey of 104 AASCU institutions to update their positions on online learning – past and post-Covid present.

Notable points in it for me were:

  • Universities must be strategic about investing in online learning infrastructure. That includes conducting market research to allocate funds toward programs with the highest potential for success.
  • Some senior leaders believe that many students would prefer a blended experience over returning to campus full time. Therefore, universities will also need to invest in personnel, specifically instructional designers, to develop the online and blended courses to the quality students will seek.
  • The important thing is for senior leaders to decide their institution’s vision of online learning and communicate it clearly throughout campus. Each campus needs to decide what works best for their students, faculty, and resources and align on a definition.
  • Online course development costs are a barrier, but the cost of developing online courses seems less burdensome once institutions begin enrolling more than 2,500 online learners.

Other perceived barriers have changed from 2013 as illustrated in the following graph taken from the report:

Graph of barriers that have altered since 2013 with low accceptance of online instruction by faculty being most changed
Changing Barriers to Online Learning. Source: AASCU/Wiley, Feb 2022

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