CAPDM Limited is named after the CAPDM Model, our generic model for publishing information digitally.

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Capture existing learning materials into a digital repository. Create single master sources for them using open standards. Use the repository for master source storage and reuse. Use a cloud repository to lower the capital investment and to speed-up adoption and time-to-market.


Author new materials masters and re-edit the captured ones, to enhance their interactivity, quality and value. Use the revision control features of the repository to track all changes. Translate the master sources into other languages too.


Use the repository to feed automated publishing tools for high volume typesetting, web page generation and course packaging. Publish them cross-platform into multiple delivery systems and devices.


Deliver better quality interactive learning materials online, and professionally typeset print, eBook or tablet versions simultaneously. Use the repository for version and release control. Configure your delivery environments to generate continuous feedback for materials improvement.


Manage and update all the learning materials for all media, languages and delivery systems using one production environment. Use the repository to manage your knowledge and assets. Adopt the discipline of continuous content management and improvement.

Click here to launch a more detailed view of the CAPDM model.