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CAPDM was established in 1996 in Edinburgh, UK and has built up a strong reputation in the fast-growing fields of flexible, distance and blended learning.

Our mission is to change the way learning materials are produced and managed.

As Henry Ford re-engineered the production of automobiles, we are doing the same for the production of learning materials.

Why? Two main reasons. Today’s learning materials need to be developed for:

  1. Flexible use that includes online distance learning.
    Learning materials that support many different study modes from distance learning to classroom teaching. Materials which exploit the best aspects of printed, online, and tablet media.
  2. Efficient modern multi-format production and management approaches.
    Single-source publishing: “write once – publish many”. Publishing is based on a single master source of a course. By cherishing that master it evolves into a strategic asset.


More information on the CAPDM philosophy:

  • The CAPDM Model – the generic publishing vision the company was formed around and which is relevant to any digital publishing team today.
  • The DGBIE Model – a proven, commercial approach for developing global businesses in education. An invaluable guide for any learning provider wishing to market international programmes of online distance learning
  • Cloud services and their application to the managed learning environment of learning materials production, management and delivery.
  • eBooks and how to produce them yourself.


For further information, please have a read through our relevant briefing papers:

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