Become your own online program manager

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I recently came across a June 2016 article in The Atlantic magazine on online program managers (OPMs), and how much money they are making from marketing student enrolments in the USA. OPMs offer Colleges modern marketing tactics such as websites that collect information to generate marketing leads, text message follow-ups to inquiries, and phone banks with ambitious “career counsellors” ready to help students complete financial-aid requirements and enrol. Five companies reportedly control about half of the $1.1 billion OPM market: 2U, Academic Partnerships, Bisk, Pearson Embanet, and Wiley Education Solutions. A 2014 profile in Forbes reported that Academic Partnerships scored $100 million in annual sales by taking 50 percent of tuition revenue from the 82,000 students it had placed in online programs across 40 virtual campuses at public schools such as the University of Texas at Arlington and Florida International University. The article suggests that non-profit schools (including public schools) spend an average of $38.53 for a lead—just for...

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Adaptive Learning Presentation to MoodleMoot 2017 in London, UK

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Ken Currie has presented at MoodleMoot partnership with our customer the University of London International Programmes group. The presentation is on the subject of adaptive learning, as enabled by smart (semantic) content. Here some of Ken’s thoughts about the MoodleMoot conference: “MoodleMoot UK 2017 attracted over 400 attendees to the meeting in London.  Much of the focus on Day 1 was on ‘Mobile’, whereas Day 2 seemed to be more about ‘Analytics’. CAPDM and UoLIA presented on the second day and to a large gathering.  Our talk on ‘Adaptive Learning’ fitted well with the interests in Analytics so was of direct relevance to the audience. It was interesting that even in such a large audience, only one person claimed that their institution built their content in a ‘smart’ way (a pre-requisite of the adaptivity on offer) in XML and no one claimed to have an adaptive learning engine or system. This is an area very much in its infancy, but...

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Open Source Quality Assurance event open for registration

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    CAPDM is presenting at an OpenQAsS Erasmus+ event on Wednesday 4 May 2017 in Stirling The event is free to anyone with an interest in the Quality Assurance process. Please register on the College Development Website to secure your space.   Overview Introduction to OpenQAsS  Open Source Quality Assurance System – an Erasmus+ Project OpenQAsS is a European project to develop an open source quality assurance system for institutions delivering vocational qualifications. This will include resources and digital platforms which can facilitate the QA process. The objectives of the project are to: Improve the culture of quality assurance Develop Open Source Software toolkit (OpenQAsS) to promote and facilitate QA management Develop a certificate–Institutional Quality Assurance Manager (IQAM) for staff who take responsibility for quality management tasks. The project brings together partners from Scotland, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Ireland. For this session, members of the project will give an overview of progress so far, the available materials and demonstration...

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Discouraging students with positive affirmation

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Heaping affirmation on students from more developed countries could actually make them less engaged with online learning

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Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper

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When it comes to textbooks, students want paper.
Daniel Willingham, Professor of Psychology , University of Virginia

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CAPDM are hosting the 4th meeting of the EU Funded Erasmus+ project OpenQAsS

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POSTED BY     KEN CURRIE               CAPDM are hosting the 4th meeting of the EU Funded Erasmus+ project OpenQAsS (2014-1-HU01-KA242-002356) – Open Source Quality Assurance System for European Vocational Education. The meeting takes place 2nd and 3rd June in Edinburgh. Ken Currie, host of the Edinburgh event is excited about the project: “It is always a great opportunity to meet up with different nationalities under the umbrella of Erasmus. Seeing people with such varied experiences and backgrounds working together on this project is an important process and we are looking forward to two days full of discussions and European partnership.” See project website for more details.  ...

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MIT proposes new role of “Learning Engineer”

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It’s obviously an engineering task to manage learning materials at this level, and a very strategic one.

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Invest in Blended Learning

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POSTED BY     MARTIN SMITH We were recently approached by the corporate customer of a Business School in the south east of England, who were looking for more flexible executive education courses.  We don’t usually get approached by our customer’s customers, but we’d done some online learning consultancy for them in the past, and they were looking for a more flexible management education solution for their managers and leaders. The main problem they had was simple: their managers didn’t want their staff to have to travel to attend campus-based courses.  They wanted greater study flexibility with respect to: time; place; pace. In other words, they wanted greater: choice; convenience; and control for their employees while encouraging their studies. It was clear from talking to the Business School that blended learning, as they defined it, would be ‘culturally difficult’ with the current academic staff.  Investing in the development of yet more flexible core modules that could underpin a blended delivery...

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Recent Developments

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University of London & Association of Chartered Certified Accountants CAPDM has been commissioned by the University of London International Programmes in partnership with the the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to produce a new ground-breaking Masters programme.  Launched in January 2016 using the University of London’s own Moodle service, the programme makes many new innovations in online learning delivery and student support. Government Internal Audit Agency, London CAPDM has been asked to undertake a one-year staff secondment to the Government Internal Audit Agency in London.  The aim of the secondment is to help advise on the development of a new online learning and performance support environment. Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, London CAPDM has been commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) to develop a new online learning course and delivery environment for the Asian Development Bank based in the Philippines.  The initial work is to help CIPFA deliver their new online...

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Declining Support for Internet Explorer

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By January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates.

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