Moodle LMS/VLE

CAPDM produces courses for any open learning management system. During the last decade we have done a lot of work with Moodle and have developed more than 10 custom Moodle modules to enhance the business and learning functionality of this LMS in particular.

To get an overview of all of the modules, browse the Look.Book below.? To see what each individual module can do for you, scroll through the list below and select the ones you are interested in.

CAPDM’s Moodle Look.Book

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version here.
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Courseworker Moodle?Plugins

These plugins?require the use of CAPDM’s Courseworker XML production tools in order to work. The Digital Workbook is probably the most powerful one, and relies on Courseworker managing hundreds of hypertext links between the Digital Workbook and the individual content pages and elements.? The Learning Object Profiler plugin?relies on having defined sets of learning objectives published into the course components – particularly assessments.

Inline Interactions

Digital Workbook

Learning Objective Profiler

Topic Objective Tracker

Enhanced Administration

LMS Code?Plugins

These plugins?provide useful enhancements to the learning delivery platform that are more generic and don’t require Courseworker or even Moodle.


PDF Stamper

PayPal Purchasing

Helicopter View

Certificate Generator