Single-Source Publishing

Single source publishing is a?content management?method which allows the same source?content?to be used across different forms of?media?and more than one time. The labour-intensive and expensive work of?editing?needs only be carried out once, on only one document.?This source document can then be stored in one place and reused. Single-source publishing reduces the potential for error, as corrections are only made one time in the source document.

The benefits of single source publishing primarily relate to the editor rather than the?user. Nevertheless, the user does benefit from consistent terminology and information.

CAPDM?s single-source publishing services and technologies change the way to publish:

  • quick and cost-effective development of MOOCs
  • one production solution to produce and manage all courses and programmes
  • publish professional journals, ePUB books, textbooks and course packs in-house in any language
  • independence of learning management systems or virtual learning environments
  • open content standards protect from ongoing changes in authoring methods, delivery formats and learning platforms
  • quick integration and deployment of open education resources and Cloud technologies
  • creation of knowledge domain assets that are uniquely yours